Everyone can be a hero to everyone

Heroes Nearby aims to inspire people to respond to and care for each other, to give hope and recall the importance of the human values of compassion, selflessness and courage.

The idea

Our founding idea is the belief that people are good and compassionate, and that unity can overcome obstacles. With a little help from technology, potentially negative experiences can become inspiring stories that help to restore faith in humanity.

The project was born out of the founders’ personal experiences with volunteering, helping the elderly, physical assault and violence, and their involvement in martial arts training for self-defense.

Pilot project

During the 7 months of the pilot project in Croatia, we talked to all major institutions, city authorities, first-responders community, associations and numerous experts from various fields of security and protection. We also received valuable feedback from individual mobile app users. Both of these segments strongly influenced the current direction of the project.

Safer and happier neighborhoods

Buildings don’t make a city; people do. The feeling of security and a sense that you are not alone are the cornerstones of a happy life. Let’s make our cities and towns safer places to live!

Helpdrome platform for organizations

The Helpdrome platform (mobile + web solution) is intended for organizations like cities, emergency services, neighborhood watches, humanitarian organizations, companies that help people or take care of their employees, outdoor sports and mountaineering clubs and others.

Individual, family and community safety

For people in distress or emergency situations, the Heroes Nearby emergency and personal safety mobile app provides a chance to get help more quickly, keep safe, and be protected by and connected with family members, friends and the community of local Heroes.

The team

Neven Grubišić

Co-founder, backend

Neven is an experienced software engineer and backend developer with a unique approach to problem-solving. He is also a long-time successful entrepreneur with a love of nature and simplicity.

Siniša Necko

Co-founder, product development, marketing

Sinisa is our product manager and e-marketing specialist. He is an award-winning software and mobile solution co-creator, entrepreneur, lecturer and IT advisor. A long-time trainer of martial arts and self-defense, he is devoted to the promotion of human and spiritual values.

Gordana Gojković-Vukasović

Co-founder, advisor

Creative advisor and long-time educator of human values and spiritual science, Gordana is an experienced volunteer in elderly and disabled care.

Ivana Žagrić

Mobile development

A passionate Android developer and software engineer with managerial skills in team development, application architecture, and project management. Ivana is always enthusiastic, energetic and ready to help.

Nishu Sinha

Mobile development

Extensive experience in developing many successful products. Strong experience in working in ambiguity to solve complex problems.

Kara Mestrovic

Klara Meštrović


Klara takes care of administration and makes sure that everything around the project is done on time and runs smoothly. Loves animals and people and is always ready to help.

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Your best support in all situations where you need help.

“The activities of this project it was the acts that make all the difference.”

Sanja Barić, University of Rijeka, Vice-Rector for Studies and Students

“Heroes Nearby has the potential to help a lots of people in need at the touch of a button.”

Paul Bradbury, award-winning journalist. Owner and Editor of Total Croatia News

“It’s an excellent tool to develop self-awareness, to be proactive and preventive in everyday life. There is a lot of good will behind this project.”

Kristian Družeta, personal safety expert, Director and Head Instructor of the International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF), Croatia

Be a Hero!

Protect your kids, family, friends and neighbors and help them when they need it most! By joining the Heroes Nearby Community, you have the opportunity to become somebody’s Real Life Hero in an efficient, simple way. 

Whether you possess special skills or just have a good heart, you can make your city a better and safer place to live, a place where people help and care for each other.