A powerful platform for creating and managing city or organization safety-net

Create and run your own independent network of helpers and help-seekers.
Helpdrome - City safety-net solution

Qdrome is an innovative platform through which smart cities, organizations and companies can create and manage their own safety nets and connect all parts of the local community. For people in distress or emergency situations, Heroes Nearby provides a chance to get help more quickly, keep safe, and be protected by and connected with family members, friends and professionals.

Web application (control center)

Powerful web app for the control and management of the operations

Personal safety mobile application

One of the best safety mobile apps (Android, iOS) on the market

Smart panic button (optional)

Wireless, SOS-push button which connects with the HN mobile app

For cities, organizations, groups and teams of all sizes

Qdrome is intended for organizations like cities, emergency services, neighborhood watches, humanitarian organizations, companies that help people or take care of their employees, outdoor sports and mountaineering clubs and others.

From a city perspective, the goal of the platform is to create a city safety net and connect all parts of local communities. You can create an unlimited number of sub-organizations and levels. All desired organizations and emergency services can be included in the structure of the city safety net.


  • Creation of the City safety-net
  • For citizens and tourists – Faster help and an extra layer of security in emergency and non-emergency situations
  • Prevention of violence, better connectivity and cooperation with citizens
  • Connecting communities – reconnecting people and organizations, a sense of communion
  • Practical tool for educating on human values in practice (helping others, compassion, kindness, selflessness …)
  • City branding and promotion „The city of Heroes!”

Helpdrome is the ideal solution for organizations like Neighbourhood Watch. It connects the whole community, especially the most vulnerable groups (children, the elderly, the disabled, the deaf and dumb …). For example, a Neighbourhood Watch organization can have its own safety net where citizens and their members can report irregularities and suspicious behavior that contribute to the prevention of unwanted outcomes. Also in emergencies, the whole community is connected and ready to react. Organizations can use the Helpdrome to fund their activities through online membership fees as well as to recruit new members and expand their activities.

In addition to having a closed system of their helpers and beneficiaries, humanitarian organizations can take the opportunity to make their helpers available for help to people outside their safety net (in the Heroes Nearby Global network). In this way, they can reach a larger part of society and be of help to the whole community, and at the same time enjoy the benefits of a closed system.

Mountaineering and hiking clubs, cycling clubs and anyone who conducts outdoor activities can benefit greatly from the Helpdrome platform and provide additional security and service not only to their members, but also to other hikers, nature and outdoor lovers.

E.g. a distressed mountaineer could send out a call that would, in addition to his friends and family, alarm the emergency services, mountain rescue services, members of the local mountaineering society, and also other hikers nearby.

Companies that have field workers or drivers as well as all those whose employees do part of the work outside can create a safety net for their employees.

Also, Helpdrome can be used for certain types of monitoring and reporting of the situation in the field or reporting of completed work or task.

In addition, the company’s employees could be members of the global Heroes Nearby network and provide help to the community, and at the same time use Heroes Nearby for their and their family’s personal safety.

Associations, groups of people or teams regardless of their size can use the Helpdrome to create their own safety net and enjoy all the benefits of the platform. We have a free option for small teams. For all others, a small fee is paid according to the number of users. We don’t mind if you charge your members for certain assistance services in a closed group over which you have complete control.

Also, your Heroes (helpers) can be part of the Heroes Nearby Global network and help fellow citizens in need. It is good to do good.

Helpdrome - organizational structure

Built-in security and privacy features. GDPR compatible.

The platform is designed for maximum protection of users and helpers. See the built-in security and privacy features.

Flexible billing depending on the number of users or a white-label solution?

We made sure Qdrome is available to as many organizations as possible, regardless of size. View plans and prices.

A new service and source of income for your organization

Use Helpdrom for your new business model or to build your community. Provide a new service to your clients.

Tailor the Qdrome to the needs of your organization

Suitable for Cities, organizations, groups and teams of all sizes

Qdrome desktop app

Helpdrome web client

The heart of the Qdrome platform that serves to manage operations and coordinate people in the field

General features

The web application supports the creation of sub-organizations and enables the organization, verification and tracking of users and members who help others (Heroes).

It is possible to create an organizational structure assembled by sub-organizations. The main organization can monitor all sub-organizations Heroes/members and alerts whilst a sub-organization can see only its own activities. For example, the City can have a roof organization account and neighborhood watches can be sub-organizations. In the other example, the neighborhood watch can act as a roof organization having its sub-organizations based on specific city parts or areas.

Define an unlimited number of custom call types that are specific to your organizational needs. Define custom names for your member types – helpers and help-seekers. For example, helpers we call Heroes by default, but you can choose any name you want as well as the name for the help-seekers group role.

The organization grants the role of a Hero Recruiter to certain users. Hero Recruiters are able to invite other members to join and verify them as Heroes.

The organization administrator is able to monitor and filter the list of all organization’s users/help seekers.

The organization administrator is able to monitor and filter the list of all the organization’s Heroes.

The Heroes map shows the organization’s active Heroes GPS locations on the map.

A person can only become a member only if invited/verified by one of the organization administrators.


Alerts features

It allows the organization administrator to start alerts from a web application and monitor active alerts in real-time. It also allows detailed filtering and sorting of all alerts (active and finished).

Simply and quickly invite your members and teams to take action. 

  • Activate the alerts from your desktop and monitor all the activities in one place in real-time. 
  • Track your members and users in the field in real-time
  • Share information (text, photos, video, audio files) and details about the incident, situation, or about the condition of someone in need, with everyone involved

A map showing all locations related to a certain alert – starting/ending GPS locations and alert route together with all responding Heroes’ GPS locations.

Organizations can not only track their own Heroes, but also all the other responding Heroes on the map in real time.

List of all sent alerts by applying multiple filters (by active/inactive, by geographical boundaries, by date/time, by user name, by number of responding Heroes, etc.) and sorting (by active/inactive, by alert name, by date/time, etc.) fields. This is useful for creating countless search and analysis possibilities. For example, the app can show all alerts that have been addressed to a certain responded Hero within the past week.

Shows alert starting GPS locations on the map. According to selected filters, certain types of alerts are shown on the map. This is a useful tool for statistics and can be used to show alerts in a certain time frame. For example, the app can show only the alerts in the last month that have happened between 02:00 and 03:00 am in a certain neighborhood’s geographical boundaries. 

Heroes Nearby mobile app

Take a look at the features of the mobile app and the smart panic button.