Fighting gender-based violence with South African Hero Nearby – Risha Patak-Harie

With a smile that explodes across her face and the kind of positive energy that makes you think anything is possible, Risha Patak Harie tells me the story of her grassroots venture,  i-LEAD. Their motto:  Be Safe. Be strong. Be fabulous, hints at I-LEAD’s mission-to make a real difference in fighting violence against women in […]

South African Heroes – Claude Maphosa and the Boxing Grannies

In the midst of Cosmo City in Johannesburg, South Africa is a very special gym lead by South African Hero, Claude Maphosa. Here, almost every day you can find the female senior citizens of Cosmo City gearing up and going glove-to-glove with their trainers. These are the Boxing Grannies! The Making of a Hero Claude […]

Croatian Heroes – Kristian Družeta

Kristian Družeta will tell you he is just a regular guy, born into special circumstances. Special circumstances, training and life experiences that have led to his present position: Director and Head Instructor of the International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF), Croatia. We have got together to talk about self-defense, his book, and heroes. Military Hero The […]

This is What Heroes Look Like

Being a hero does not have to entail capes and silly costumes, physical prowess or special training, rushing into burning buildings, dying or changing the world. Being a hero can be an altogether simpler, quieter act; a kind word for someone in pain, quality time with a child, stepping in when you can to make […]