5 ways to use the Heroes Nearby app in the time of Corona

With the planet in lockdown alone-together there has never been a greater need to connect. Robbed of the physical presence of others, people are reaching out through tech in order to connect, inform, inspire and teach so that some semblance of normal is kept in this uncertain time. With numerous apps and platforms supporting and […]

Tutorial: How to setup a new SOS call

See how you can easily preset an indefinite number of SOS calls for a variety of situations: determine the type of emergency (e.g. health problem, physical assault, car accident…) with a list of recipients for each SOS and the risk level so all recipients will be aware of the problem you are facing.

Manufacturers’ Issues: Problems with GPS, tracking and push notifications

It is practically an open secret that many smartphones have aggressive battery saving tactics, which often put background apps into sleep mode. Some of the Chinese mobile devices and Huawei phones in particular, tend to kill apps aggressively without following Android standards for background apps. The primary known issues are: failure to send push notifications, […]