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How do Heroes help?

An elderly neighbor falls in the garden and can’t get up. Someone needs medicine from the pharmacy. Urgent medical help is needed at the scene of a car crash. A couple of hikers get stuck on a mountain. A young woman is under attack in a dark city street. 

These, and similar situations, require people with an open heart; ready to help another human being in distress – a True Hero!

Our Heroes are people from all backgrounds and walks of life bound by selflessness, warm-heartedness and good character.

Be a hero and make your city a better, safer place to live. A place where people help and care for each other. Our everyday Heroes and stories of their heroics will be published on our blog and serve as an inspiration for others to step up.

As a Hero you can choose what type of calls you want to receive. Your risk level and type of emergency, or situation, that you are willing to respond to is up to you.

Of course, even the Hero can sometimes get into trouble and need the app to call for help. It is good to do good. Sign Up Today!

Who are the Heroes?

Parents and teachers

Only a parent knows the worries you have about your children and the need to know that they are safe. Parent Heroes not only protect and help their children, but everyone. All children are their children and they set a good example and raise new Heroes. Teachers too, who care about their students, can be at their disposal in difficult situations.


It is natural for professionals like policemen, firemen, members of rescue teams, soldiers, veterans, sportsmen and martial artists to become Heroes, using their knowledge and skill sets to help others in the community.

Good, selfless, open-hearted men and women

Good, selfless, open-hearted men and women who are ready to help another human being in distress become Heroes and come to the aid of their fellow citizens and loved ones in emergency situations.

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Commonly asked questions

It’s simple! After downloading the Heroes Nearby App, click on your Hero Profile and sign up. We will ask you to send a photo of a personal document to confirm your identity. We respect your privacy and your personal details will not be shared. This data is solely for the sake of greater security for the community. If you have been verified by a club, association or organisation, you will not be required to send your identity.

A verified Hero is someone who has been verified by an organization, association or a legitimate club as being of good character and willing to help, sometimes with excellent practical skills. These could be members of military, firefighting, or rescue services; martial arts or boxing clubs; athletes, doctors and nurses associations etc.

Yes. This would be highly desirable and says a lot about your club / company / association. If you are an official representative of your organization, association or club, you can apply as a Verifier. Only verifiers are eligible to apply on behalf of the organization and invite and verify its members as Heroes. The process of verifying your members as Heroes (via the Heroes Nearby app) is quick and easy. You will receive detailed instructions via email once your application is approved. Your club / company / organization logo will be promoted on our website and accross our social media platforms under the city that you protect and support. Sign up as an organization HERE.

The Heroes Nearby App can be set to only receive calls that require medical assistance. On the screen of your Hero profile mark that you want to only receive medical calls.

  • Carefully view all the details of the received SOS call
  • Click on the button “I’m coming”
  • Look at the exact location of the caller
  • Assess whether you should immediately call the police or other emergency services
  • Go to the scene
  • Help the best you know, and according to your abilities, by adhering to the recommendations

Yes. We have described some of the possible situations and procedures in the article What to consider when responding to an S.O.S. call.

When you receive an SOS call, you will see the details of the person calling without their location. After accepting the call, you will see a map with the exact location of the person calling for help.

In less stressful and easier situations, almost everyone can help (eg help the elderly to get up, walk someone home or go to a pharmacy for someone etc.). In dangerous and stressful situations you can also be helpful in many ways. It is not always necessary to interfere. For example, you can call the police or other emergency services and give a detailed description of the situation. Very often the arrival of someone at the scene can distract the attacker from their intentions. Some recommendations for acting in various situations have been written on our blog and you can read them HERE.

Yes, the SOS call that you receive will contain a description of the situation, as well as a danger level. There are three levels:

  1. Green – Low or potential danger (eg I do not feel safe, I need something from a pharmacy)
  2. Orange -Medium danger (eg minor injuries, high temperature etc.)
  3. Red – High and life-threatening situation (eg physical assault, heart attack, car accident, etc.).

It is up to you to decide which SOS call you want to respond to.

Yes, you will receive a push notification. Clicking the notification will open the SOS call details.

“The activities of this project it was the acts that make all the difference.”

Sanja Barić, University of Rijeka, Vice-Rector for Studies and Students

“Heroes Nearby has the potential to help a lots of people in need at the touch of a button.”

Paul Bradbury, award-winning journalist. Owner and Editor of Total Croatia News

“It’s an excellent tool to develop self-awareness, to be proactive and preventive in everyday life. There is a lot of good will behind this project.”

Kristian Družeta, personal safety expert, Director and Head Instructor of the International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF), Croatia

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