Safety. Help. Care.

The Heroes Nearby Global network is now part of Qdrome.

Qdrome brings safety to another level. We have built an innovative platform that enables cities and organizations to create and manage human-based safety nets.

Families and individuals can enjoy the benefits of one of the best mobile apps for personal safety.

Heroes-Nearby - Safety. Help. Care.
For cities, organizations, groups and teams of all sizes

Create and run your own human-based safety net

Qdrome is an innovative platform through which smart cities, organizations and companies can create and manage their own safety nets and connect all parts of the local community. 

Qdrome is packed with the best personal safety mobile app on the market, a smart panic button (optional), and a powerful web-based app for managing and controlling the operations.

Family safety - Heroes Nearby emergency app
For families and individuals

Boost your and your loved ones personal safety

We all need help and care in a variety of life situations – whether simple or life-threatening. The Qdrome free emergency app and teh Heroes Nearby Global network is a must-have and acts as a precautionary measure, gets you help quickly, and gives you peace of mind and a greater sense of security. 

Our emergency app also allows professionals and individuals to be true Heroes of their community and help fellow citizens, neighbors and loved ones in any situation.

Be a Hero!

Protect your kids, family, friends and neighbors and help them when they need it most! By joining the Heroes Nearby Community, you have the opportunity to become somebody’s Real Life Hero in an efficient, simple way. 

Whether you possess special skills or just have a good heart, you can make your city a better and safer place to live, a place where people help and care for each other.

“The activities of this project it was the acts that make all the difference.”

Sanja Barić, University of Rijeka, Vice-Rector for Studies and Students

“Heroes Nearby has the potential to help a lots of people in need at the touch of a button.”

Paul Bradbury, award-winning journalist. Owner and Editor of Total Croatia News

“It’s an excellent tool to develop self-awareness, to be proactive and preventive in everyday life. There is a lot of good will behind this project.”

Kristian Družeta, personal safety expert, Director and Head Instructor of the International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF), Croatia